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What Matters

"It hurts because it mattered." - John Green

Well, I did not get in to Neverwhere. And it hurts. I don't think I realized how much it would hurt. I spent the audition process doing exactly what I was supposed to, concentrating on what I could control, living in the present moment, enjoying playing in the world with my friends. I've spent the last few years talking about how theatre is fun for me, but it doesn't matter to me as much as other people, who need it as their vocation, their life force, their reason for being. I have survived many a time without a show. I usually only do about one show a year, and part of the time I am rehearsing I am wishing I was at home.

I think maybe Pirate Laureate spoiled me. I have rarely had that much fun on a show, with some amazing people that I really connected with. Not getting into Neverwhere comes at a weird juncture for me, when I am starting to feel our tight cast go our separate ways, and live busy lives, and do their own things. It feels like a double whammy hit that I am losing the strong connections I had while losing the opportunity to have it again with Neverwhere. While usually I wouldn't sweat not doing a show for a while, I find myself really missing being with people. Being part of a group that knows each other's rhythms and feeds off each other's energy and learns from each other. I miss the connection.

John Green says wise things. One of the things he said is, "It hurts because it mattered." Pirate Laureate mattered. Neverwhere mattered, as much as I tried to hide it from myself. But I think I'd rather be hurt than have things not matter, if that makes sense. See, I'm growing as a person!

I keep trying to think of projects to focus on, but all of my projects are so solitary. Get in shape. Self-Publish my journal. Write my novel. Practice archery. Do my 30X30, most of which are things to do alone. It is strange that an introvert like me, who is so ok with being alone, is wanting to be in a crowd of people. Well not just any crowd of people. People I love and connect with. Which makes more sense.

This is part of my New Years Resolution. Find ways to connect deeply with people. Try to have more one-on-one hang outs and really talk. Get out of my usual habits and find other ways to play with folks. Have more parties. Take risks. Drag people on adventures.

I need to remind myself that I don't need to do it right now, in this week where I am supposed to be writing a research paper. They will still remember who I am next week. 

Once I was a Pirate....

Ryan Maxwell Photography

Well, The Pirate Laureate of Port Town is done. I've had a few days to reflect on this wonderful and important experience, and I want to make sure I record it. (The first half is more about my process and the second half is about the fun stuff, so I forgive you if you skip down to the bottom!)

The process was equally challenging and rewarding, and I learned a lot from it. We spent several days on tablework, hashing out the history of the world and our intertwining back stories. It helped me ground my choices in a shared reality.  We did incredibly in depth scene work, which was immensely helpful, though sometimes, I struggled to see the forest for the trees. Often I would have to push myself over difficult humps, and go beyond what I felt to be my natural limitations. I found myself struggling with the line between defiance and adaptation.

It became an interesting exploration of my own process. What I need versus what blocks me from fully participating (especially what causes that moment where my mind is filled with nothing but blank panic and electricity). I have learned that I like to build the jungle gym before I play on it. I like to practice before fully committing to a choice (especially physically) in front of people. I am an introverted actor and need to center myself before working. I learned I am an emotional actor (as well as a person). I feel something, than I justify it with intellect. I create collages and playlists of images and songs that make me feel the way a character feels at a given moment. I feel I am the most successful onstage when I am emotionally vulnerable and able to sensually experience what the character is going through (sight, sound, touch.. even if it is all in my head). It has been an interesting exploration of what I perceive to be my natural limitations, and if/ how I should go beyond them. When people should adapt to my process and when I should try to adapt to other people's. I also learned that I sat on my laurels a bit as Opal, because I perceived her to be the easier role, and worked my ass off for Aurora, not convinced I could pull it off. I discovered into the run that I short-shrifted Opal, instead of giving her the work and complexity she deserved.   And, as always, I felt I did my best work developing moments and through line during the actual run of the show. Honestly, I feel like, in every show, my real work begins the day after opening. Finding the moments I am not feeling, and discovering why and how to fill them, and riding through lines, and connecting threads, and fully living in the world. Many I know say that the rehearsal process is their favorite part of the show. Mine is the run. Above all, I learned that while I still can only play Me on stage, there is a lot of Me in Me. If that makes sense.

I will be forever grateful for working with such an incredible group of actors. We were an ensemble in the best and fullest sense of the word, onstage and off. We allowed people to be who they were. Forgave or encouraged all unique quirks. We subconsciously understood that our differences made us stronger. We didn't want to force everyone to have the same actor preparation, or be quiet when they needed to be loud, or serious when they needed to be goofy, or vice versa. We gave everyone their space to be where they needed to be. We knew that if we had one certain problem, we would go to Doug, another, to Maggie, another to Matt. We fit together, each of us contributing what made us uniquely ourselves to the team. Like the Avengers! I would often say to people that the reason why we had so much fun (aside from the excellently funny play), was that we loved playing together, and we trusted every single person onstage that if shit went down, we could take care of it.

As the house lights went down, I was separated from everyone else on the other side of the stage. As I would try to prepare and get myself into the world of the play, I would try to think of Opal and the bonds she had with the other characters. However, that never worked as well as when I simply reminded myself of the cast and my relationship with them. The team. The trust. The love. The adventure together. That gave me the emotional juice I needed to launch me on stage every night to sail a ship with my friends.

There are so many moments that I will cherish from this experience. How we all took care of each other, on stage and off. Pre-show dinners and post-show rides with Matt, sifting through the day. Playing and talking books with Megan G. My hand-clapping ritual with Maggie after the first scene, and laughing at her antics in the dressing room. Engaging with Alex as we batted a scene back and forth.  Getting in character with Doug before we went on stage. Field trips to Jimmy Johns, Steve and creepy Stev, the Doug and Maggie saga, dancing and singing to Matt playing the uke, singing Peg Leg once for work, once for fun, and once for real each night, getting up to mischief in the dressing room to kill time, the top of act one as the music swells in the dark and urgently beckons us to stand forth as a crew, getting a cork to the face (it never got old), the wave of relief each time the audience laughed at "chugging on the plugging," Matt clasping my shoulder and giving me a "scurvy and sacred ship to sail," the nights when the Mate Meet clicked and resonated and Matt lead us in a resounding roar, the glance between Ruby and Opal during "No one's liking anyone if we're all dead," discovering what the mast scene was and living in it with Alex, listening to the audience re-engage at the top of Act II during the chains lazzi, underlining Doug's diabolical glee as Aurora, listening to the play from under the risers with Megan G and Doug, fiercely poetry dueling with Alex while Megan G improved her heart out, pretending to sleep and trying not to giggle as the chaise scene played out, fighting with the formidable Megan G (twice!) backed by epic music, getting the quick change down to a science, sitting under the pink umbrella and really seeing Ruby for the first time as Opal, waiting to come on stage for the final scene, holding back tears onstage during the closing show (and not holding them back off stage), drinking whiskey in the dressing room and rocking out to songs during strike, and the fantastic cast party in my apartment where we had loud group moments, reenactments of events and moments in the show, a spectacular rendition of "The Confrontation" from Les Miserables sung by Zach and Doug, and quiet, one-on-one conversations scattered throughout the evening. The perfect send off to a fantastic and important experience.

I had a thought the other day that shows ending were a bit like the ending of The Wizard of Oz. You have gone on an amazing adventure together. It has been hard and wonderful, and you have all grown closer together. You get to that final goodbye, each person in turn. "Now I know I have a heart, because it's breaking." "I never would have found my courage if it hadn't been for you." "I think I'll miss you most of all." And then you wake up in the real world. There is no place like home (where you can watch tv and do laundry and actually cross some things off your to do list, and cook for yourself and relax). And you still see everyone: "And you, and you and you were there." But it is not quite the same.

But I think, some where deep in our hearts, we will always be pirates. Pirates of the Chartreuse. We will act accordingly. HEYO!
Ryan Maxwell Photography

In the workbook, they asked me for a word for 2013. I chose "deep." I wish to maintain that slow, deliberate pace, the stillness of heart and mind, the quality and not quantity that I found in the cabin in the woods. 

If I lived this word all year I would:
1) Be ok with the silence.
2) Pay attention and root myself in every moment.
3) Really listen to people.
4) Read books instead of skim the internet.
5) Delve into what really serves me and try not to do every thing a little bit.

To do this, I will:
1) Find ME time, even when Lee is home that is not on the computer or watching TV.
2) Take walks in places I have never been.
3) Practice archery.
4) Invite friends over for tea and sit at the dining room table more often
5) Single task.
6) Pray and meditate.

At the end of the year I want to be:
1) Wiser, deliberate
2) Invested in Librarianship
3) Part of the Library community
4) Following my bliss

1) Able to sit without the tv
2) Truly listening and responding to needs
3) Taking time for me.
4) Not jumping at every impulse

1) Regular physical activities
2) Orderly, simple home
3) A place for me to BE.
4) Winnowed activities down to what serves me. 

I have already started on some of my goals. I have started this year by removing my morning TV watching and replacing it with prayer, meditation, reading my book, and tea. I got a bow and arrow for Christmas  so when the weather gets warmer, I will go to the archery range in College Park to practice. I have given up Starbucks coffee to pay for a reading nook in the bedroom, a place away from the tv where I can read without falling asleep. 

Other goals for the year include going to the silent retreat in Brookland, hiking the Billy Goat trail, stargazing, spending deep quality time with friends and family, get something of mine published, fly a plane, have tea with a friend at least once a month, rent a boat and go out on the water, have regular physical activity, audition for a musical, follow my bliss in professional ways, cultivate discipline to get shit done, take a fun movement class, call my parents more, have more dates with Lee, and working taking time to breathe and reflect before I speak. 

It is a little difficult to begin on some of these goals right now, as I have been rehearsing an amazing show since January 2nd. The company is full of committed, fun, big-hearted people, and I have been working so hard for them. I come home home so tired that I just crash for the rest of the night. This is my first real day off since it started (I have class on the one day we have officially off from rehearsal). The show is piratey and fun and zany, but it is a lot of work, and it is stretching me in a lot of ways. My Opal is a huge comfort as my villainy Aurora gets more and more villainy and predatory by the day. She is a huge challenge and she terrifies me, but I am following my method of sucking it up, committing, working hard, and submitting a product I am proud of. 

Fingers crossed that I use this same method to achieve my goals for 2013.

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I did a wonderful workbook created by Susannah Conway called Unwraveling the Year Ahead:2013 You sit down when you have a few hours of uninterrupted time, relax, and review 2012 while looking forward to your goals in 2013. While some of the things I wrote are private, I wanted to share a few revelations with you.

I thought 2012 was a pretty ordinary year, but it was not! Or else, all my years have been extraordinary and I have not noticed until now. I really should review every year to see what I have done and how I have grown over the past year, because I had no idea!

Last year was full of new experiences and learning new things
1) Riding an elephant
2) Singing and dancing in my underwear on stage (wa?)
3) Fasting for Yom Kippur all day.
4) Playing Dungeons and Dragons for the first time.
5) Going to Spa World, being naked in public, and sitting in saunas.
6) Taking a risk to go to a show I was not certain of in a dangerous part of town, and having a fun time.
7) Running a 5K
8) I learned how to repair a VHS tape.
9) I learned how to make new recipes, like Eggplant fries and wassail!
10) I lead a really fun rehearsal for Bright Alchemy, and learned that I could do it!

It was also a year of spending time with friends: happy hours, teas and dinners, game nights, theme parties, hiking and BBQing, How to Train Your Dragon Live, birthday Farm Day and Habachi/ Bowling, Lee and my parents' meeting.

And it was a year that I started to embrace my identity as a librarian, not just as a person who wished to be a librarian:
1) The dozens of professional training webinars
2) Going to a seminar on the Archemedies Codex
3) Information Systems and Services class
4) History of the Book class
5) Children's Media Services class
6) Applying for the Harvard Seminar on Fairy Tales (something I am very proud of)
7) Enforced copyright law in the department and got recognition from the General Council's Office as a Compliance Watchdog.

I learned I am an introvert a 9 and an INFJ, which means I react to the world in certain ways, but I should not be limited by their definitions. 

I learned that the world needs more peacemakers, and I want to be that.

I am thankful that this year I met Jason Schlafstein, who shakes me up and gets out of my comfort zone and pushes me. 

I am thankful for our vacation last year: Boone Hall Plantation and Hogsmeade under the stars.

I am thankful for realizing that I can die happy having lived a full life because I have loved Lee.

My favorite moment in 2012 was our cabin in the woods vacation where I was quiet of heart and mind. There was a fire in the fire place, and I am warm and loved. Wine and cheese and reading. Sharp, crisp, clear, and silent snowy woods. 

My regrets from 2012:
1) The moments I am unable to control my anxiety and express it in an unhelpful way. 
2) Falling off the fitness wagon.

Looking back over the things I am most proud of in 2012, I realized they all had things in common in all of them: they were all risks.
1) Sucked it up
2) Took it one step at a time
3) Committed
4) Worked hard
5) Maintained Discipline (and tried not to whine about it)
6) Submitted something I was proud of.

Sometimes the risk paid off, sometimes it didn't, but I never regretted trying. 

My biggest challenges in 2012 come down to one thing: I am scared to risk the unknown and fall into comfortable patterns (tv and internet) to avoid potentially risky situations. I dealt with the challenges by:
1) Sucking it up and doing it..) 
2) Breathing and understanding that the uncertainty makes it an adventure, and that beautiful, memorable things in life come from uncertainty (no risk, no reward)
3) Thinking about being in a story: of course the heroine goes and has the adventure, rather than sitting on her couch.

My biggest lessons from 2012:
1) Take the opportunity to learn and experience new things.
2) Take the risk, live the adventure. The worst thing that happens is that you have a shitty night.
3) The internet and tv crowds your brain with unnecessary noise. It is ok to be quiet. Don't be afraid of your thoughts. 

Let me start with the vacation itself. Lee and I went up to an amazing and cozy cabin in the woods of Deep Creek Lake. We came up in the middle of a snow storm and had difficulty seeing as we drove, but as soon as we turned the corner, and saw the tiny house glowing with amber light, I knew we were home. The inside was made of cedar and the deliciously sweet and woody smell greeted us as we opened the door.

After we unpacked, of course, the first thing I did was check for a basement with strange and scary artifacts (there was none). However, as soon as I convinced myself that we were not going to be murdered by a zombie redneck torture family, I noticed the scary saws and awls and rakes and other farm equipment innocently decorating the walls..
Terror aside, Lee made tacos and we snuggled and watched Love Actually (his idea), and then we played Pirate Flux, a present given to me by CSmith and it is AWESOME! Then I read, and he played video games and then tried not to think too much of the redneck torture zombies as I fell asleep.

The next day, we woke up to sun on the fresh snow and crackling bacon. I felt our pace really slow down. It felt ok to take time with things, and stare off into space, and not have to watch TV while doing everything. We danced in the kitchen, and usually that only lasts a silly few seconds, but we took time were really present with it, and didn't pull away because we were in the middle of something else that needed our attention.

We watched Lost Girl while we ate breakfast and then took a nice walk around the neighborhood: lots of cute cabins with ridiculously punny names. We drove down to the store, got newspaper for the fire, and since Lee was tired and I wanted to adventure, he left me down by the lake to walk back.

The semi-frozen lake was beautiful and still and the snow was untouched. I felt bad walking in it, but I needed to get to the lake. I do feel like I may have stepped over a sewage area to get there and ended up in a hotel's back yard, but it was worth it for the view. I even found tracks in the show indicating that a pair of animals had dug out their burrow after it had been covered by snow. 

The trek back was a little nerve-wracking  as there was no sidewalk and cars kept whizzing by me as I had one foot on the snow and one foot on the street, but I made it back safe and sound, and in shorter time than I had expected.That night, Lee played video games while I read, and we made our first FIRE with kindling I had picked up off the ground on the way home, and the newspaper we got at the store. Achievement unlocked: I can now make fire with real wood. We ate chicken and watched Lost Girl, and then went to see The Hobbit! (too much stuff in there, but I could see what they were doing).

Saturday was a special day for two reasons. It was 1) the day I fulfilled one of my 30x30: spend a day without technology! (I feel it was cheating a little because I filled it with activity, but maybe I will try it one day when I am home alone with nothing to do). It was also 2) a day of ADVENTURE! We woke up at noon and snow had fallen 6 inches, and continued through out the day. We had trouble getting out of the driveway, but Lee was determined. We drove through stark snowy farm land, with black roads cutting through the white, and black trees clawing at the grey sky.

We made it to the farm where we were to have our sleigh ride a little early, so we visited cows, threw snowballs, played with a friendly dog, and had hot chocolate at the farm store. The sleigh ride itself was delightful! We were covered in a warm fuzzy blanket and seated with an adorable family. Our horse's name was Bill. We sliced through pristine landscapes, bells jingling. We made friends with the family, who were from Florida and had never seen snow. The boy was quiet, but we drew him out with Mole and questions about his Christmas presents. We stopped about halfway through, and the driver asked if any of us wanted to ride Bill. And I said "Wha..you are serious? YES!" Then we rode back home, snow nipping our faces and frost biting our toes.

After that, we went up to Accident, MD (a name that still fills me with foreboding, especially in snow). However, we visited the wonderful Firefly Creamery! They have a stall in the Silver Spring Farmer's Market, and this was their home base. We sampled cheese and wine and got a tour. The very friendly man behind the counter told us about the cheese making process and the business. And of course we bought lots of good cheese and a pear chipotle jelly.

At home, I had cheese and crackers and jelly and wine while I read, and Lee played video games and cooked sausage on the outside grill. We played Castle Panic while we ate dinner. This was a huge thing for me, because I had started to worry we couldn't eat dinner without watching TV!

Sunday, we slept in, ate breakfast, and then I went on a walk in the cold, clear, silent, snowy woods. It was so quiet, in the way only a snowy wood can be quiet. I found another place to look at the lake, and I watched the dark water ripple slowly towards the shore. At one moment I stopped in my walk, and closed my eyes, and let the snow flakes gently kiss my face as the silence enveloped me. It was perfect, and I couldn't help thinking of Robert Frost's "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy" evening. I don't think I ever really understood that poem until now. Dark woods at night was a frightening thing. With no one around, of course you want to keep going to do the important things you need to do. But as I stopped by those woods, they were lovely, dark and deep. It was a blessing that no one was around, so I could watch their woods fill up with snow. 

After that, I came home to write in my Unraveling the Year Ahead workbook I got from Susannah Conway. I will write more about that in part 2 and 3. Then, Lee and I went out to Uno's for a romantic and tasty dinner. We took desert to go, sat by the fire, watched Lost Girl, and then played Castle Panic.

Monday was our day to go, We got up, packed, and said a sad goodbye to the house, our retreat, our beaversdam. I hope to come back to it someday. We plugged in The Fault in Our Stars by John Green book on tape, and then listened (and cried) to it the whole way home. 

I learned so much from this vacation. That is is ok to sit somewhere without anything to do. That I can in fact read not as filler (at lunch or on the metro), but as it's own sacred thing. That I need to spend more quiet time with nature. That I need to slow down and just be with Lee sometimes. And, in fulfillment of another 30X30, that it is possible to have a vacation in a wonderful place that you do not fill with activities

Facebook Statuses: December 2012

"I've frequently not been on boats." (December 3)

"I really need a vacation. I'm turning into Ebeneezer Scrooge." (December 5)

"GAH. Curse you, values of librarianship! You all contradict each other." (December 6)

"I think it might be time for watching the Christmas episodes of Eureka and Warehouse 13 while working on presents and sipping wassail!" (December 10)

"Mmmm. Night of good food and Muppets with the man I love. And the Mole I love." (December 11)

"‎"Yeah, well, I've got a dream too. But it's about singing and dancing and making people happy. That's the kind of dream that gets better the more people you share it with. And, well, I've found a whole bunch of friends who have the same dream. And, well, it kind of makes us like a family." - Kermit the Frog" (December 11)

"Gah... Another Christmas movie I forgot and need to add to my long list to watch before Christmas: Hogfather." (December 12)

"It's a Warehouse 13 and Eureka Christmas! Could only be happier if my man was at my side." (December 12)

"Holy crap.... I have no words..." (December 14)

"So, I've been thinking about it. I've been looking for some way I can channel what I am feeling for the families and the community. Everyone is looking for something they can do. Some are turning to gun legislation, which I agree with, but that takes time, and I personally feel very powerless in that regard. But I have realized there is one immediate thing I can do: Love. Isn't that what all the best books teach us? In the face of darkness, the best thing we can do is love each other, take care of each other, make sure we build a community of brave, empathetic people for ourselves and for our children. We fight the darkness with small acts, one day at a time." (December 15)

"I'm just gonna put it on record. Peanut butter is amazing." (December 15)

"Somewhere out there, beneath the pale moonliiiiiight...." (December 16)

"But I am le tired." (December 18)

"This is what my day needs. I am building a bookshelf while listening to Eye of the Tiger." (December 18)

"I swear to you, Lost Girl is the best frikkin show on TV today. Amazing characters, crazy awesome plot lines, legit mythology and folklore from all cultures... I can't remember the last time a show made me shout with excitement and surprise and joy and fear at the tv!" (December 22)

"I exchanged gifts and had lunch with Gwen, went out in the snow, made a tree out of cardboard and decorated it with Lee Liebeskind, went to see Santaland Diaries, and now I am at home snuggled on the couch, eating a chocolate orange, and watching Hogfather with my love. Good Christmas Eve. :-)" (December 24)

"‎"Saruman believes it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay... small acts of kindness and love. Why Bilbo Baggins? That's because I am afraid and it gives me courage." - Gandalf, The Hobbit (Lee put it up too, but I figure it's worth saying again!)" (December 29)

"A perfect vacation. Snuggling by the fire, reading on the couch eating Firefly Farms cheese and pear chipotle jelly on crackers, riding in a horse-drawn open sleigh, walks through a snow-silent woods, wonderful meals at home and abroad, reflecting on the year past, and the year to come, and spending it all with the love of my life, Lee Liebeskind." (December 30)

Facebook Statuses: November 2012

"Catching up... Month of Thanks, Day 9: For the combination of creativity and bravery. Hellz yeah for Elik, Sohan, Ralfonzo, Cheron and Nox kicking evil assassin butt, saving the kid, and thankfully being to insignificant to be eaten by a dragon." (November 1)

"Month of Thanks, Day 10: For the fact that our generation has not lost its sense of play and will boldly go out on Halloween looking amazing!" (November 1)

"Hey, does anyone have a camera that can take Hi-8 tapes? Mine was stolen many years ago, and I need to get footage off the tapes that I have." (November 2)

"Oh jeeze, so behind on the Month of Thanks. Here goes! Month of Thanks, Day 10: for Sally Montgomery, a wonderful friend and coworker, who has proved that you can move on to new and exciting things at any time of life. She is now helping her daughter and son in law start up a bakery." (November 4)

"Month of Thanks, Day 11: For amazing student workers who take incredible initiative, and can take anything I throw at them. (November 4)

"Month of Thanks, Day 12: For my class, Children's Literature, which has introduced me to life changing books I never would have touched had it not been for it." (November 4)
"Month of Thanks, Day 13: For wine at Adega with Gwen Grastorf, an amazing and talented friend whom I don't get to hang out with nearly as much as I would like." (November 4)

"Month of Thanks, Day 13: For wine at Adega with Gwen Grastorf, an amazing and talented friend whom I don't get to hang out with nearly as much as I would like." (November 4)

"Day of Thanks, Day 15: For being afraid to do something, jumping in head first, and discovering you are kind of good at it! And thanks for an amazing artistic group to risk with, Bright Alchemy!" (November 4)

"Civic duty and all that, what, what?" (November 6)
"Yup. I'm gonna spend election night constantly refreshing one website, folding clothes, watching Treasure Island, and singing "Fifteen Men on a Dead Man's Chest" under my breath to keep calm." (November 6)

"Month of Thanks, Day 16: Thank you for this. Dear God, be with this country and help us to concentrate on making this country and it's people healthy, happy, and successful through listening to each other and working together."(November 6)

"Month of Thanks, Day 16: Thank you for friend dates! I had a wonderful night catching up with Melissa Marie Hmelnicky over drinks and dinner and the awesome awesome movie Pitch Perfect." (November 8)

"“We are not nouns, we are verbs. I am not a thing — an actor, a writer — I am a person who does things — I write, I act — and I never know what I am going to do next. I think you can be imprisoned if you think of yourself as a noun.” - Stephen Fry" (November 8)

"BTW, there is a Treasure Island on Netflix starring Eddie Izzard as Long John Silver. Just thought everyone should know. It's pretty good so far." (November 8)
"My horoscope today: "It doesn't seem to matter what happens today, it will all turn out OK."" (November 9)

"Month of Thanks, Day 17: For being brave and going to something that was risky. It could have been a really painful evening, but the risk paid off and I had a wonderful time! I must remember that when I take a risk like that, the worst that could happen is that it sucks and I have a weird evening. The best could be amazing and change my life!" (November 10)

"Month of Thanks: Day 18: Serendipity. I missed my bus and ruined my evening plans, but ended up sitting and relaxing in an airport bar sipping a margarita and listening to calming music." (November 10)

"Good mooooooooornin Neverland! I'm going flying today!" (November 11)

"Month of Thanks, Day 19: Many things to be thankful for today: Veterans, excellent high school theater, my family....aaaaand my sexy boyfriend surprising me with a marshmallow blaster fight when I got home!" (November 11)

"Far over the Misty Mountains cold,
To dungeons deep and caverns old,
We must away, ere break of day,
To seek our pale enchanted gold...." (November 13)

"Wow, I am really behind on the Month of Thanks: Day 20: I am thankful for good food and wine. Day 21: I am thankful for a job that I believe in that gives me a solid paycheck, and benefits. Day 22: I am thankful for the most wonderful, caring, brave, funny, sweet boyfriend in the world. Day 23: I am thankful for having an idea for the future that I want to make a reality. A goal to work towards. Day 24: I am thankful for Mole. Day 25: I am thankful for the power of books! Day 26: I am thankful for the moments that I am levelheaded in a crisis (please help me to do that in more situations!)" (November 18)

"Celebrating Thanksgiving eve eve by watching the Thanksgiving episode of Buffy. "It *is* a sham. But it's a sham with yams. It's a yam sham."" (November 20)

"Oh month of Thanks.... Day 27: I am thankful for Fall, my favorite season with all its crisp, leaf crunching, sweater-wearing pumpkin goodness. Day 28: I am thankful for fantastic educational TV shows like Young Indiana Jones and Magic School Bus that encourage kids to figure things out for themselves, and don't underestimate them. Day 29: For a stomach that is never hungry, a roof over my head, and people whom I love." (November 22)

"Month of Thanks, Day 30: For holidays. Those days we set aside to do something special. To do something that means something with people we love." (November 22)

"‎"God is not a Buddhist or a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian or a Jew. God is in every person and in every living thing. There is one thing that every religions say: that God is compassion. God is love. " - Young Indiana Jones" (November 26)

"Oh so it's going to be one of THOSE days.... Time to Hedgehog out. Sorry to anyone I spike today." (November 26)

"URGH! Does anyone know anything about importing video files from a Sony Digital 8 Handy Cam? I downloaded the software and am doing everything right, but the computer won't acknowledge that there is a camera hooked up to it." (November 26)

"Don't go up against a librarian when copyright law is on the line!!" (November 27)

"AAAAAnd I'm done. Done with today." (November 29)

Facebook Statuses: October 2012

"‎"October was in the chair, so it was chilly that evening, and the leaves were red and orange and tumbled from the trees that circles the grove. The twelve of them sat around a campfire roasting huge sausages on sticks, which spat and crackled as the fat dripped onto the burning applewood, and drinking fresh apple cider, tangy and tart in their mouths." - October in the Chair by Neil Gaiman. Happy October, everyone!" (October 1)

"I swear to God, there is no period romance ending that moves me more than BBC's North & South. It is perfect, and it honestly makes my heart thrum. It is amazingly acted, the moments, the discoveries, the joy and the disbelief are all so beautifully crafted and performed. And I love seeing Richard Armitage so happy. He rarely gets to be happy in his roles, poor man. Anyone who is a girl should watch it now. It is on Netflix. You won't regret it." (October 2)

"This weather is amazing! I have more energy today than I have had in weeks!" (October 6)
"Going to the Rennfest with my family for the first time in 10 years! Yes, it's going to be cold and rainy, but I have girded myself with thermal stockings and dammit, we're gonna have a good time!" (October 7)

"I don't even know where to begin with these two days... suffice it to say, I had a dream last night that my house was crawling with millions of pincer ants. No matter where I stepped, there they were, and they began crawling all over me. I had to jump in a full bathtub to get them off. Then, no one would believe me, even though all the ants were fighting bees on the ground right in front of them. Later, we discovered they were trying to control people's minds through black goo. Then it turned into a horror comic with everyone's faces contorted in fear, and we knew there was nothing we could do." (October 12)

"I think it's time for a Buffy rewatch. Fall just seems like a Buffy time." (October 13)

"Hey Everyone! What is the most fun farm for apple picking/ hayrides/ mazes, petting zoo day at the farm stuff?" (October 15)

"Ah, the mating call of the academic: "Used Book Sale." (October 15)

"Ok internet poll! What are the best consignment/thrift stores in town. Emphasis on cheap prices and cool stuff." (October 16)

"Thank you everyone for the amazing birthday wishes! It was a pretty awesome day. I love you all!" (October 17)
"Everyone should watch Going Postal on Netflix! So good!" (October 23)

"<sigh> Since this has been me lately (see below), I have decided to jump on the bandwagon of the Month of Thanks, initiated by the lovely Melissa Hmelnicky. I am a few days behind so here's the catch up: Day 1: I am so thankful for nerdy, witty friends with whom I can be myself. Day 2: I am thankful for nights at by myself home doing absolutely nothing. Day 3: I am thankful for tasty books that suck you in. Day 4: I am thankful for the arms of the most beautiful, patient, good-smellingist boy in the world. Day 5: I am thankful for slow, quiet Fridays." (October 26)

"Month of Thanks Day 6: Homemade chili with lots of cheddar cheese and sour cream, eaten with family." (October 27)

"Month of Thanks, Day 7: In thanksgiving for my Pastor, who is not afraid to stand up for what he believes. I highly recommend listening to this Sunday's homily: "The pastor again reads a letter from Archbishop Lori urging Catholics to vote against Question 6 – the Marriage Act citing the primacy of procreating and educating children as the prime purpose of Marriage. The pastor takes a different approach citing the equally compelling reason for marriage (since Vatican II) as the mutual support and common life of the spouses. Two approaches, two different scriptural bases. The pastor urges all to vote – and to vote their conscience." (October 28)

"Month of Thanks Day 8: This hurricane. Everyone's facebook status updates are about food, warmth, booze and being together. Hobbits would be proud. “If more of us valued food and cheer above hoarded gold, it would be a much merrier world.” - Tolkien. Yay for taking time to enjoy being together." (October 29)

"Our prayers are with you guys in NYC and New Jersey! It looks so crazy up there! Let us know if there is anything we can do." (October 29)

"You know, I like funny Cary Grant a lot better than serious Cary Grant." (October 30)

Facebook Statuses: September 2012

"Today is the day to get my life back in order. Do ALL THE THINGS!" (September 3)

"Why you gotta be like that, Moffat? You'd better fix this in an awesome way." (September 3)

"Very nervous about today. Feeling under-prepared and though not a natural projector, will now have to fill a 200 seat house with my still recovering voice. Thank god this P2S reading is full of wonderful folks." (September 3)

"PIRATE LAUREATE WAS AWESOME! Heyo to my shipmates! You magnificent bastards! You ocean of dreams! (and a special thanks to my boyfriend who is apparently "a leading light of new play production and development") :-)" (September 4)

"Last night, I dreamed CUA was having a fundraiser where people paid to go through a car wash without a car. You got completely showered, covered in colored foam, and dried with blowing air and those floppy drying brushes and never had to take off your clothes. AND you got to eat an ice cream cone while it happened. I had mint chocolate chip. It was awesome." (September 6)

"Help! I have an assigment for class where I have to talk to kids: one 4-5 year old, one 6-8 year old, one 8-10 year old and one 10-12 year old. And I have to do this and have it written up by next Sunday night. Can anyone lend me their kids or nieces and nephews for a little? I'm willing to do it in person or via video chat. I will even throw babysitting into the bargin if that is what it takes! Please let me know asap! Thanks!" (September 8)

"I am waking up at 5am to run a 5K. I think I have a problem with my brain being missing." (September 8)

"Oh, so it's going to be one of THOSE days, is it?" (September 10)
"Ok folks! I have managed to fill the 6-8 and the 10-12 age range for my talking-to-kids assignment, but I still really need a 4-5 year old and an 8-10 year old! And I need to do this either Saturday night or Sunday morning. I only would need 15 min and I can talk to them either in person or on video chat. I can send you the assignment if you want! Please please please, any help you could give me would be awesome!" (September 13)

"<to be said in the voice of Michael Saltzman playing Captain Grayscale> ".....Mondays...."" (September 17)

"‎"People are particularly stupid today. I can't talk to any more of them." - Gilmore Girls" (September 17)

"It wouldn't be a Reichelt/ Liebeskind dinner if we didn't have to turn off the smoke alarm at least once." (September 19)

"You know what, Food and Water? I appreciate you." (September 27)

"I am such a poor judge of weather. I always dress for how I want it to be." (September 28)

"Last night I dreamed I was understudying a hedgehog in Wind and the Willows. There was a beautiful scene where everyone was ice skating and they pulled it off with an extra slippery patch of floor and everyone sliding around in socks. The guy playing the otter could spin and do tricks. Some moments I'd see them as people dressed up with subtle animal costuming, and other times they would be the animal. The real hedgehog got suddenly sick mid-show, and the otter smiled and waved me on stage. Saul Rubinek, who was playing the rat, winked at me and we ice skated together. It was pretty damn awesome." (September 29)

"Well done, Doctor Who.... Somebody's gonna have to tell Brian Williams...." (September 30)

"Thanks a lot, Weeping Angels. Now I can't sleep." (September 30)